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Trigger warning, this repository uses satire and sarcasm and other types of humor that could trigger feminazis into rage fits. For over a dozen years, the vectors lab has experimented with digital scholarship through its online publication, vectors, and through scalar, a multimedia authoring platform. A group called the feminist software foundation has accused github of misogyny after it disabled access to a repository containing its first effort. Smash the toxic patriarchy inherent in all computer programming. Github removed it quickly, but it was reposted under a slightly different name. The feministsoftwarefoundation has 2 repositories available. Apache software foundation joins github open source community. White published a post about the github page, criticizing the satirical. Github inc company profile and news bloomberg markets. Thefeministsoftwarefoundation has 2 repositories available. The history of this software lab intersects a much longer tale about computation in the humanities, as well as tensions about the role of theory in related projects.

Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. The feminist software foundation is a strawfeminist sockpuppet group created. Feminist jobs from the feminist majority foundation. Feminist software foundation gets grumpy with github or does it. Feminist software foundation gets grumpy with github or. Feminist software is a cornerstone of any modern free society. Meeting the enemy a feminist comes to terms with the mens rights movement cassie jaye. C plus equality is one of their projects, which they describe as satire but which trivialized rape, painted women as irrational, and faked the participation of several women in open source, feminist activists, and writers. The feminist jobs board is a project of the feminist majority foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit committed to educating and mobilizing folks around the political, economic, and. The company designs and provides an online platform to allows users to store and share codes repositories with friends, coworkers, classmates, and. Github is where feministsoftwarefoundation builds software. Were excited to welcome the apache software foundation asf to github. On december th, 20, the feminist software foundation website.

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