Enterprise architecture for dummies books 2017

An enterprise architecture tries to describe and control an organisations structure, processes, applications. Youll understand the parts, what they mean to your company, how to make technology match your business goals, and how to create an enterprise culture. Just the essential information for readers on the go who want to understand architecture. Definition of togaf the open group architecture framework togaf is a framework and detailed method for building, maintaining, and gaining value from an enterprise architecture for an organization. It architecture for dummies 1st edition, kindle edition. If youre curious about this field, click here to learn everything you need to know. Beyond this, the book points out how eam could develop in the next decade, thus allowing todays managers to prepare for the future architecture management. Buy it architecture for dummies by hausman, kalani kirk, cook, susan l.

Explains when a buildings a building and when its art. Then youll get help with longterm planning, managing security, and getting. Kalani kirk hausman is a specialist in enterprise architecture, security, information assurance, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Everything you need to know enterprise architecture is a job field that helps determine the overall structure and operation of a company. Pdf eight essential enterprise architecture artifacts researchgate. Reviewed in the united states on november 21, 2017.

Book cover of john rhoton cloud computing explained. Portals aggregate content from multiple sources, bringing it all into one place for easy access and creating a single point of contact. Strategic enterprise architecture management challenges, best. Explains how to look at a building and appreciate it. In this book, she has a rare ability to address a professional audience, while providing accessibility to a lay reader. An introduction to enterprise architecture is the culmination of several decades of experience that i have gained through work initially as an information technology manager and then as a consultant to executives in the public and private sectors. Answered jun 14, 2017 author has 348 answers and 156. It architecture for dummies for dummies series hausman, kalani kirk.

About the book author kalani kirk hausman is a specialist in enterprise architecture, security, information assurance. I just found out that this section has erroneously mentioned quite higher. Article pdf available february 2017 with 2,101 reads. Hopefully the refund mechanism for kindle books works. With the basics out of the way the text moves on to the more arcane elements like interactions and collaborations again providing lots of examples. The business management perspective is concerned with business definition. Handbook on enterprise architecture peter bernus springer. Enterprise architecture at work modelling, communication and. The 30 best enterprise architecture books recommended by jacques attali and. In the business sector, business architecture is a discipline that represents holistic. In this book, hidden assumptions behind the existing approaches to enterprise. He is an author of the book the practice of enterprise architecture. Get a handle on enterprise architecture and develop a strategy for success. Agile enterprise architecture, with or without agile development methods.

Enterprise architecture at work guide books acm digital library. It architecture for dummies paperback november 1, 2010. Covers the highlights of architectural history, from the great pyramids to frank gehrys guggenheim museum in bilbao. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Enterprise architecture for dummiestogaf9 conceptual. Praise for architecture for dummies deborah dietsch is an insightful critic and author. Amazon says it was published on july 18, 2017 but the real publication date is 2010. Cook is a senior it policy and security programs administrator and a former compliance auditor. What are best books on building great midsize businesses.

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