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In this anthology of horror tales, two hikers are trapped in a cavein, a jilted teen lover turns bad, and a man is murderously desperate to help his ailing wife. Watch deadtime stories episodes online season 1 20. Directed by michael fischa, jeff monahan, tom savini. For preteens to adults, these stories seem cheesy and boring. Discover the history and secrets of 19th century new orleans. Find the complete deadtime stories book series listed in order. A boys pals start vanishing during an overnight campout, leading him to believe a town legend about a halfhuman. The original deadtime stories bringing murderous tales to life in the fashion of a modern day radio drama since june 2018.

A babysitter tells a different scary and chilling deadtime story to the kids she is babysitting. Main menu start the game by entering your name and clicking create. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iphone, ipad, android, pc, smart speaker and even in your car. In the film, a babysitting uncle tells his nephew three stories.

The tales include thing such as ghosts, zombies, and enchanted objects. The subjects of the series range from hauntings to monsters to supernatural occurrences and everything in between. Why we love it i found myself completely charmed by deadtime stories, a horrorish anthology favoring giggles over trembling fear as it skewers childhood fairy tales. Fact or fiction, we dont know, but it will creep you the. Watch deadtime stories episodes online season 1 20 tv. Deadtime stories is an anthology series based on the goosebumpinducing book series of the same name by annette and gina cascone. When the siblings see people acting strangely they have to find a way to save the town before history repeats itself. Katie and andy attend their towns famous haunted hayride, where legend says locals were turned into z. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading deadtime stories. Dare to fly the fiendish skies with deadtime scarelines. In wet, a lonely man finds an empty box on the beach and opens it, with disastrous results. In valley of the shadow, a woman searches for her missing husband in the jungles of south america, only to be. The options feature allows you to adjust the sfx and voice volume, the environment volume, and the music volume. Sue snow never met her murderer and it could be argued she had the worst luck ever.

That i can tell, theres no shared connection to the film from 1986 of the same title. The best deadtime stories podcast episodes leave listeners with. Watch deadtime stories season 1 episode 3 the witching. Its so fun that i could easily shrug off its many, many issues with pacing and lackluster payoffs. To a 78 year old these stories are funny and scary without the emotional trauma that comes with rrated blood and guts horror stories. A horror podcast with stories submitted by real fans. Listen to deadtime stories episodes free, on demand. Listen to the deadtime stories episode iheartradio. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Watch deadtime stories season 1, episode 4 invasion of the appleheads. Sinister thrills await you in this gorgeously dark and unsettling reallife ghost story from new orleans.

Created by writer, researcher, and true crime junkie schuyler fastenau. Listen free to deadtime stories on iheartradio podcasts. This weekend, enjoy a spooky start to your day with back to back deadtime stories from 8. Watch deadtime stories online full episodes all seasons yidio. The series stars jennifer stone as the babysitter who reads the. Written and produced by schuyler fastenau with the voice talents of. Directed by michael fischa, jeff monahan, matt walsh. Each episode plot, from killer clowns to playing bloody mary in an. A voodoo priestess who lived in new orleans circa the 1800s, the infamous socialite delphine.

Free trapped spirits, cast spells and unlock fragments hidden in the paranormal world to reveal the story of a misguided voodoo queen. Its not just houses that can be haunted, these tales tell of haunted people, factories and family heirlooms. Deadtime stories tv show season 2 episodes list next. With tom gregg, jason hoehnen, paul keiserling, angel lisboa.

Deadtime stories episode 107 grandpas monster movies exclusive clip duration. In quota, a pair of young lovers drive to lovers leap, only to be attacked by a mysterious creature. While deadtime stories as a movie may be too divisive to recommend all that enthusiastically as a purchase sightunseen, theres. As far as kids scary story shows go, deadtime stories is tolerable, but its really not very good. A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories about a killer witch, little red riding hood and a werewolf, and a story about goldi lox and the three bears. Watch deadtime stories the witching game s1 e3 online watch online anytime.

Your soon to be favorite babysitter is the master storyte. A series of scary stories read to a revolving set of children by the same babysitter. Listen to rotten luck and thirtyfive more episodes by deadtime stories, free. The occupants of edward blackgates invitationonly cemetery all have ghastly tales to tell. The first story involves a slave used by two witches, who are attempting to resurrect their sister.

Make sure you tune in to citv every saturday and sunday for even more back to back episodes of your. With jennifer stone, piper reese, grace kaufman, jadon sand. Deadtime stories based on the popular eponymous childrens book series written by annette and gina cascone, deadtime stories stars jennifer stone as the babysitter, who shares stories from her collection with children every week, chronicling kids eerie encounters, from hauntings to monsters to supernatural occurrences. With aric amendolea, kristen barrega, amy lynn best, carla bianco. Amy marsalis, jeff monahan, bingo omalley, jason norman now i lay me down to rest, but theres a goblin upon my chest. Another game like this by rachacha on nov 30, 11 11. A babysitter shares eerie bedtime stories with her charges. George romero, deadtime stories volume 1 utter the name. Hes grey and ugly and very gory, and he wants to tell me a deadtime story. If youre in the mood for something creepy, then deadtime story is for you. Play free podcast episodes ondemand with iheartradio.

A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror storiesabout a killer witch, little red riding hood and a werewolf, and a story about goldi lox and the three bears. An anthology of three horror stories presented by george a. Created by annette cascone, gina cascone, david hillenbrand. We then decided to launch the series by first producing a full length movie version of the grave secrets story based on the book to be able to begin the show with a onehour special. Use your wits as you dive into a spooky world in deadtime stories, a haunting hidden object adventure game. Uncover the shadowy history of new orleans in deadtime stories, and experience the chilling account of a misguided voodoo queen. Use your keen eye and strategy skills to free trapped spirits, cast spells, unlock the dark world of the paranormal and reveal dreadful secrets better left to the dead. Katie and andy attend their towns famous haunted hayride, where legend says locals were turned into zombies. Bonus and adfree content available with stitcher premium. Cookie jar distributes over 6,000 episodes of kids television.

Download the tv guide app for iphone, ipad and android. Deadtime stories hauntings listen via stitcher for. The stand alone stories are tied together by the premise of a goth but cute and affectionate babysitter, jennifer stone, reading stories from the book of the same name to the children under her care. Corpse castles, cremated cadavers and family funerals. Fogg win a bet and travel around the world in 80 days.

Grandpas monster movies kindle edition by cascone, annette, cascone, gina. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Download free deadtime stories the witching game book in pdf and epub free download. Deadtime stories enter the sinister world of a new orleans voodoo queen.

Buy deadtime stories, series 1 microsoft store engb. Deadtime stories is an american anthology horrorfantasy television series written by annette cascone and based on the book series of the same title created by annette and gina cascone that aired from november 2, 2012 to november 14, 20 on nickelodeon. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show deadtime stories anytime, anywhere. Deadtime stories cemeteries listen via stitcher for. Deadtime stories also known internationally as freaky fairytales and the griebels from deadtime stories is a 1986 american horror comedy anthology film cowritten and directed by jeffery delman in his directorial debut. The scariest deadtime stories podcast episodes, ranked by fans. Watch deadtime stories 1986 full movie free online.

Hosted by deadhead, a likable skeleton with witty puns that wont induce an eye roll. Deadtime stories s01 ep03 along came a spider hd watch. Inspired by traditional fairy tales, this trio of gruesome and darklycomic vignettes is framed by the story of a lethargic uncle who cant. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show deadtime stories anytime. Buy, rent deadtime stories, season 1 episode 3, is available to watch and stream on nickelodeon. Deadtime stories is a new series of horror anthologies, presented by horror legend george romero. We were first introduced to the 17 book deadtime stories series and we fell in love with it. An anthology of three horror stories presented by george romero. His first guest speaker is one of its most fascinating residents, jessie bodeen. Fact or fiction, we dont know, but it will creep you the f out. Podcasts the podcasts you absolutely must download andor stream and.

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